Assignment: Pick a poem. Make a movie.

My teammate Dylan Phillips (main character), selected this poem by Charles Bukowski, "Cause And Effect"

This version was a re-edit that I did.


Bucket Drummers: A Subculture Study

A major part of Richmond, Virginia's unique culture are its festivals. As a kid, walking the seemingly endless trek from parking space to venue, hearing the rhythmic sounds of sticks on buckets resonating amongst the buildings downtown was a sure sign we were getting close!

I have always been fascinated by these bucket drummers. Where do they come from? Is this just a Richmond thing? Do they all know each other? So when given the assignment to explore a subculture and step out of my comfort zone, Bucket Drummers immediately came to mind.



The Water

The assignment for this was to make any kind of film we wanted. My partner, Ali Katz has a passion for water and wrote a beautiful story about a young girl's relationship with water. I had the pleasure of filming and editing.