When it comes to feeding your kids, health is paramount. Sunny D, a soft drink for children, is not healthy.


Current messaging positions Sunny D as a healthier alternative to soda. In a category flooded with all natural juice options, Sunny D is playing the middle man and losing.


Human: At the end of the day, moms just want their kids to be happy.

Cultural: Children are spending more and more time in front of screens. Moms agree, their kids are happiest when playing outside with other children.

Product: When kids are active, moms will be a little more lenient when it comes to snack-time. Sunny D’s branding and imagery puts them in a unique position to own outdoor play.

Platform: The Champion of Outdoor Play

Reasons to believe:

87.7% of moms agree that there’s more to a healthy child than just eating right.

Parents hate all the inward distractions kids have these days and will do anything to eliminate that incessant clicking of a computer mouse.

Being outside leads to more social engagement and provides more situations in which kids learn life lessons.

Who are we talking to?

“Cool” Moms – These moms understand the value of a neighborhood squabble and a scraped knee.  They know that kids will grow and mature more by being outside and interacting with other kids than they would studying all day or playing video games.  This isn’t to say these moms are not health conscious.  They understand the benefits of healthy eating, but are willing to loosen their health regulations when they know their kid is benefitting in other ways.

Creative thought starters:

“The Screen Eliminator” - Play up the fact that Sunny D can help eliminate the sound of the computer mouse clicking.

“Outdoor Play Milestones”  - Sunny D can be the drink for a child’s milestones (first bike ride, first time scoring a TD in backyard football, first time beating the boys,  first broken arm).