Background: is a start-up business that makes finding a private chef as easy as booking a room or ordering a book online. The dinner’s host arranges the meal by browsing Kitchensurfing’s database of profiled chefs, who range from slick, credentialed professionals with years of restaurant experience to self-taught cooks with cultural expertise.

Objective: Develop a strategy for Kitchensurfing that will grow its membership by 15% in New York City.

Who are we talking to? ----- “The Social Tribe Chief”

These people have moved to NYC from their home-towns where they were most likely the “social chair” for their friend group. This friend group has been the same for most of their lives and they consider them more of a family. They always planned the parties, set up dinner gatherings and organized all social activities for their friends. Now, they are living as a transplant in NYC, far away from their close friend group at home. As they meet people at work or in other gatherings, they start to work towards building that core group here in NYC. This proves to be much more difficult than expected. In trying to plan dinners out with friends, there are just way too many variables that can cause the plans to go awry. Jenny will be late because the F train is undergoing maintenance. Kyle is at the wrong restaurant and the reservations somehow fell through. Even if everything does go as planned, dining in NYC is often anything but intimate. Crowded dining areas, loud music, and dim lighting can all take away from engaging in intimate conversations and developing close friendships.  Even if The Social Tribe Chief is able to host a "Friendsgiving" or the like, she often finds herself in and out of the kitchen in an awkward dance between entertaining and socializing.

Insight: Many New Yorkers are transplants aiming to build up a core friend group similar to the one at home. Unfortunately, in NYC you are surrounded by people, but rarely in intimate situations. Kitchen surfing offers a platform for intimate moments and relationship building.

Strategy: Kitchensurfing allows the Social Tribe Chief to create rare moments of intimacy that are necessary in building a new "friends-family"

Platform: Find your NYC family.