ASK: Make a video about what Hilton is doing in the Food and Beverage category.

PROBLEM: When guests are traveling, whether for business or pleasure, they often forego the Hotel's dining options in order to gain a more authentic and unique experience of the city they're in.

NOT YOUR GRANDFATHER'S HOTEL CHAIN: Hilton has a hard time defining their audience. They typically want to target all ages, genders, and life stages. However, they often talk about their goal to not be "your grandfather's hotel chain." For this specific project, that meant Millennials. 

BRAND TRUTH: Many of Hilton's restaurant's and bars are located on rooftops with immaculate views.

CULTURAL TRUTH: The days of sitting down to a large, multi course meal are over. People are eating smaller meals, more often.

HUMAN TRUTH: The view from your Hotel's rooftop gives you a unique, authentic, and own-able way to experience the city you're in. "MY view of New Orleans from MY hotel rooftop."

STRATEGY: Dining at Hilton rooftop restaurant gives you an own-able and authentic experience of the city you're in.

YOUR VIEW, OUR PLEASURE. Leveraging user generated content and Instagram influencers, we are creating a video that compiles pictures and videos from Hilton rooftop bars and restaurants to appeal to Millennials with copy and a tagline centered around "Your view, our pleasure."