The world around us has undergone dramatic change within the last few decades. Technology has advanced to the point that almost anyone can access limitless amounts of information and entertainment from devices that fit in their pockets. These advances have extremely beneficial to society, yet there are casualties in the race to improve and entertain. The books, the written word and the unique stories they create in our minds. The written word has a unique ability to tell stories that appeal to each individual reader in ways that only that person can understand. Leaving everything up to the imagination but the story, readers immerse themselves in an alternate world where they can escape and imagine life differently. When a reader holds a book in their hand, they feel the weight, they smell the ink, they form a physical connection with the book.


As other forms of entertainment become more available, portable, and customizable, many people have forgotten about that special relationship they can have with a book. They have forgotten what it means to truly browse. When shopping online, websites learn their interests and tailor suggestions to the reader, limiting the novelty of discovery, which can be the most alluring part of the reading experience.


We need a hero! We need a voice speaking out in defense of literature. Reminding former readers that the world of books is still here and not dying anytime soon.

There still exists a place that celebrates the written word. A place that is dedicated to keeping the magic of reading alive. A place where illustrators and authors are celebrities. A place where the people are passionate about connecting readers to stories in an environment that provides an escape from the sea of distractions and screens that we are surrounded by at work and home. An oasis in a world of mass consumption and a defender of the written word. A place that exemplifies a passion for books. A place that when you say, “It’s about time I started reading again!” you wouldn’t think of any other place to reignite your relationship with books. This place is Barnes and Noble.


Barnes and Noble is the champion and protector of the written word.


Barnes and Noble and books are still culturally relevant.



TEAM: Spencer Isaac - Molly Cihak - Andrew Couch - Sarah Pai - Elly Taura - Andrew Couch